NSP Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post-Matric Scholarships 2024 Apply Online

NSP Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post-Matric Scholarships 2024 Apply Online

Srinagar: The Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Post-Matric Scholarships is implemented in Jammu and Kashmir through the Department of Tribal Affairs. The scheme aims to provide financial assistance to SC/ST students studying at post-matriculation or post-secondary stage.


  • SC/ST students pursuing post-matriculation courses from class XI till PhD level are eligible.
  • The scholarship is provided only if the course duration is at least one year.
  • Annual parental income should be less than Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

Scholarship Components:

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  • Maintenance allowance is paid based on the following rates:

Day Scholars: Rs. 550 per month Hostellers: Rs. 1200 per month

  • Reimbursement of compulsory non-refundable fees charged by institutions, subject to a ceiling.
  • Additional allowances for students with disabilities.

Application Process:

  • Applications must be submitted online through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) at scholarships.gov.in along with requisite documents.
  • Aadhaar number is mandatory for all applicants.
  • Renewal applications must be submitted every year.

NSP Post Matric Scholarship 2024 Jammu Kashmir

Key Features:

  • The scheme aims to achieve 100% coverage of all eligible SC/ST students.
  • Fund sharing between centre and state is in 60:40 ratio (90:10 for north-east states).
  • Scholarship amount is directly transferred to the student’s bank account through DBT.
  • Entire process from application to disbursal is online.
  • Special focus is given on professional courses like Medical, Engineering etc.

The Post-Matric Scholarship scheme plays a major role in promoting higher education amongst disadvantaged SC/ST students and improving their participation in professional courses. Effective implementation of the scheme can help Jammu and Kashmir achieve inclusive educational development.

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